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December 11, 2009

Did you know that all of our offerings are available as private workshops?

We’ve never called much attention to it (yet), but having two going at the same time in different states this week brought it to the forefront of our thinking.

It also forced us to rethink our post-class evaluation forms. We’ve used paper forms up until now, not because we couldn’t do an online form (we’re programmers, after all) but because we got better feedback from paper. People draw in the margins, or leave notes in places you wouldn’t expect, or circle between boxes to give a bit extra clarity to what they want to say. We like paper.

But will two classes in different states, we wanted to be a bit easier on our instructors, so we switched to an online form. Now we can have fun with the results. Here’s a summary from one of the classes this week:


We can get a good quick feel about how the class felt, and we give it to the instructors and clients.

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