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Be Nice, Win a copy of Learning jQuery

February 18, 2010

One of our instructors, Karl Swedberg got a mean email about his new book the jQuery 1.4 Reference Guide.

Just got mean email regarding jQuery 1.4 Reference Guide. ("Please, please, PLEASE don't write anymore books. ...") Makes me sad.

That’s not very nice. Karl is actually a fantastic writer.

So here’s the deal. Send Karl a nice tweet in the form of: "hey @ideafoundry send me @kswedberg’s book because …"

Do that, and we’ll pick a lucky tweet and send a free copy of his other book, Learning jQuery to the winner!


  1. Be nice.
  2. We’ll pick a winner at 5:00 PM Eastern, Friday, Feb 19, but you can continue being nice after that too.

Update: And the winner is…

Hey @ideafoundry send me @kswedberg’s book because I'm sure he is much more knowledgeable in jQuery than I am and I would love to learn!

Congrats, Nick! The book is on its way, and we hope you enjoy it!