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Ruby on Rails Holland, Michigan

Learn to achieve sustainable productivity with Rails from a team of experienced instructors.

You'll gain hands-on experience with Rails with ample one-on-one learning opportunities. So whether you're coming from another language, or you're brand new to coding, you'll walk away with practical experience and with confidence in your ability to use Rails effectively.

Topics we'll cover include

  • Configure and install Ruby and Rails
  • Learn the basics of the Ruby language
  • Build a Rails application using iterative, test-driven development (TDD)
  • Leverage ActiveRecord with migrations, associations, validations, and callbacks
  • Build flexible layouts with rich forms
  • Use routing to create friendly URLs
  • Build interactive apps with Ajax with RJS
  • Find and use plugins
  • Send emails with ActionMailer
  • Understand deployment options with Capistrano
  • Effortlessly add RESTful web services with resources
  • Understand Rails' opinions and how to embrace or override them



CityFlats Hotel

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The Ruby on Rails training will be held at the CityFlats Hotel located in Holland, Michigan.

Recently certified LEED Gold, CityFlats is a beautiful and comfortable venue for the week.

CityFlats is offering a great rate of $109/night, discounted from $189, for the training. Contact us for details.

There are several other options nearby

Holland, Michigan

A picturesque city on the shore of Lake Michigan, Holland is a beautiful and welcoming place to learn, play and relax.

You'll truly feel like you're on vacation.

How to get here

  • Air

    We're a short ride from Grand Rapids International Airport (GRR). We provide a free shuttle.

  • Road

    Less than 3 hours driving from Chicago or Detroit. Free parking on-site.

  • Rail

    Amtrak trains leave daily from Chicago and arrive 2 blocks from the hotel.

  • Water

    Ferries run from Milwaukee, WI to nearby Muskegon, MI. If you're bringing a yacht, we can help arrange docking.



Training will run from 9am–4pm each day. From 4–5pm, you can ask one-on-one questions, get feedback on personal projects, or head out on the town. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided.


You'll have chances to explore the nearby beaches, restaurants, shopping, or the next-door microbrewery.

Things to bring and take home

A Laptop. Any OS will do. We use Macs, but are friendly towards Windows, Linux, or whatever else you may have. We'll help you get set up before you come.

The first day, we'll give you a book of everything we'll cover in the training. You'll also get access to all the source code we use in examples.

Friends & Family

We warmly welcome you to bring your family or significant other (we've even had roommates and pets). They're welcome to join us at our evening events, and there is lots to do within walking distance during the day. We're glad to give suggestions. So whether you stick with the group or go off on your own, you'll enjoy your stay.


September weather in Michigan can go either way, so bring shorts and a jacket. Averages range from 73°F down to 52°F